A Delicious Holiday Brunch Buffet for Everyone

The holidays are upon us, which hopefully means lots of family sleepovers!  If everyone is up and at ’em at different times of the morning, it’s tough to make the perfect hot and made-to-order breakfast for everyone.  Take a look at some of these ideas for a five-star brunch experience for your guests in the … Read more

Featured Product: Heggy’s Fresh Roasted Nuts

Now, if you’ve never had Heggy’s Nuts – you might be thinking…”If I’ve tried one nut, I’ve tried them all.” If you have experienced these freshly roasted, perfectly salted, phenomenal nuts, you’ll agree with me when I say, “They raise the snack bar pretty darn high!”

Christmas Gift Boxes for the Whole Family

With Christmas fast approaching, we thought the time had come to remind our lovely customers about our wonderful range of gift boxes. Our Deluxe Gift Box contains more of our favorite Amish products than ever: Troyer’s Trail Bologna Ring 1 Lb. Shisler’s Gift Mug with 1/2 Pound of Heggy’s Chocolates Shisler’s Private Label Apple Butter Shisler’s … Read more