Featured Product: Heggy’s Fresh Roasted Nuts

Now, if you’ve never had Heggy’s Nuts – you might be thinking…”If I’ve tried one nut, I’ve tried them all.”

If you have experienced these freshly roasted, perfectly salted, phenomenal nuts, you’ll agree with me when I say, “They raise the snack bar pretty darn high!”

When I was a little girl, my grandmother used to make a trip to Heggy’s Nut Shop in Canton, Ohio right before the holidays each year.  She would return with bags and bags of Spanish Peanuts, Redskin Peanuts, fancy nut mixes and fresh cashews still warm from roasting.  These buttery nut mixes were a staple on rotation in a glass bowl on her coffee table throughout our family holiday gatherings.

Heggy's Fancy Mixed Nuts
Fancy Mixed Nuts

My nostalgic reasons for loving these freshly roasted snacks aside…The taste is amazing.  I’ve literally never had something so simple that tastes so delicious.

The magic is in that simplicity.

Did you know that most store bought “roasted” nuts are actually fried in oil?  Well, not these ones.  The peanuts and cashews are lightly oiled and roasted with a hint of salt.  The nut mix is prepared in the same way but it uniquely doesn’t contain peanuts!  Instead, it is made up of Brazil Nuts, Filberts, Almonds, Whole Cashews and Pecans.

The Pecans are out of this world amazing…If you’re looking to take your next batch of cookies or coffee cake to a higher level, I’d definitely suggest adding some of these into the mix.

Heggy's Salted Pecans
Heggy’s Salted Pecans

That drive that I mentioned my grandmother did each year?  Well, we can save you that hassle.

You can order Heggy’s nuts for delivery to your doorstep via our online store!  They are also an amazing gift for anyone you know that once lived in the area that might enjoy a delicious taste of home.

If you have tried Heggy’s fresh roasted nuts, you’re probably already shopping.  If not, try some today!  Swing by the Cheesehouse in Orrville or order online for fast snack delivery.


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