Featured Gift Box: Amish Cheese and Goodies

As we enter the season of Holiday Cheer, I first want to encourage you all to sign up for our email list!  Yes, that little pop up…Right there!  Our emails will give you exclusive deals on shipping and sale items throughout the holiday season. Secondly, I want to start to highlight some of the tasty selections offered in the Gift Boxes at Shisler’s so you can get a head start on stocking the house for Thanksgiving or holiday gift giving!

Our featured box this week is the Amish Cheese and Goodies Collection.  What better way to show your friends andfamily afar that you love them?  Every year, my mom sends me a huge wheel of Guggisberg Baby Swiss, a log of Troyer’s Trail Bologna and a little jar of sweet hot pepper relish for Christmas.  I would like to say that I share it with friends.  But, not so much!  I try to stretch that as far as I can into the New Year in order to savor the flavors of home!

Gift Box #4: Amish Cheese and Goodies

This gift box is a great way to bring familiar flavors into the home of your loved ones who live far away.  But, it’s also a great started pack for those unfortunate souls who have yet to experiences the goodness of Ohio Amish Country.

Now, let’s take a look inside:

3/4 Lb. Chunk of Ohio Swiss Cheese

Our Amish Swiss Cheese is made locally in Pearl Valley, Ohio.  It has a distinctive appearance, as the blocks of the cheese are riddled with holes known as “eyes.”  Swiss cheese is known for its nutty, bittersweet taste

1 Ring of Trail Bologna

Our Trail Bologna comes from the fourth generation of the Troyer family. Don’t be fooled by imitators.  There is only one Troyer’s Trail Bologna, made in Trail, OH and sold exclusively by Ohio retailers.

3/4 Lb. bar of Colby

Colby cheese is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese that originated in the US.  Often compared to cheddar due the similarity in color, you’ll find the flavor of Colby much more mild and creamy. Washing the curds reduces the acid content, making Colby cheese less tangy when it is finished. Colby also has a higher moisture content, and it tends to be much softer than cheddar.

Shisler’s Private Label Mustard

Available in Jalapeno, Sweet or Roasted Garlic flavors.  Any of these mustards will ensure your next cheese platter is having a good time!

  • Additionally, the gift box will contain a box of Carr’s Crackers and an assortment of locally made chocolates!

The cost for all of this, delivered in a neat little package right to your door, is just $50!  It’s a great gift for the whole family or a way to feed the masses at your Thanksgiving appetizer table.

Shop online now to get the season started 🙂

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