Foods To Try If You’re Going Sugar Free

We know that more and more people are trying to cut sugar out of their diet. You might have some health concerns and be trying to combat them with a low sugar diet. You might simply want to explore alternatives. Today we’re going to share with you some of our products which can help you to reduce sugar cravings … Read more

Common Questions About Cheese

As cheese lovers, it’s easy to know all about the different cheeses available however, there are some simple wonders and questions we are left with regarding things like presentation and storage so here are some quick answers to help all your cheese queries. Can You Eat Cheese When You’re On A Diet? If you enjoy … Read more

The Probiotics In Raw Milk Cheese Are Proven Very Beneficial

Image Source: Despite the controversy, raw milk cheese just may be the perfect food. It offers pretty much all the nutrition you need, with full distribution of amino acids, balanced calories and a huge amount of probiotics which are so good for your body. The word ‘probiotics’ itself actually means “for life”, which means … Read more

The Best Low-Calorie Wine

Image Source: Summer is closing in fast and we all want that ‘bikini body’… but we also love to drink wine. Usually losing weight involves completely ridding our lives of all alcoholic drinks. However, we all know that we can’t resist a delicious glass of wine after a long day or even just on … Read more

Don’t Let Your Leftover Wine Go To Waste! Make Cookies!

Got leftover wine from a dinner party or special occasion? It may daunt you the thought of drinking that bottle alone but you really don’t want to throw it away. Well, do not worry! The Italians have an amazing use for leftover wine: bake with it! Image Source: Gather some of the ingredients you … Read more

10 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Eat More Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the world’s greatest comfort foods, it is the go to when life takes a bad turn, an easy gift for just about anyone, a satisfying, addicting treat that uplifts our moods. Image Source: Now too much of anything is never good for us, but there’s a whole list of the … Read more

Barley Bread Is Not Only Tasty But…

A study in Sweden found that not only is barley bread healthy for us, but it can actually cut the risk of diabetes and obesity. Image Source: The study involved middle-aged participants being asked to eat bread made from 85% barley for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Around 11-14 hours after the last meal of … Read more

You May Not Have To Give Up Alcohol To Lose Weight!

Alcohol and weight have always seemed to have a bad relationship. A glass of your favorite wine after work or a nightcap with an old friend are usually the first things to go when we begin a diet. However, research as to why alcohol should stop during diets isn’t as clear as anti-alcohol diets make … Read more

8 Foods That Will Give You A Healthier Mind

It is easy to forget, with our busy lifestyles, the basic guidelines for healthy eating. A lot of the time, we are so busy that we don’t even manage to consume the 3 important square meals a day. However, there are certain foods that are considered to be ‘brain foods’ and can really help with … Read more