Featured Collection: Flavors of Fall

What better way to celebrate the beauty of autumn than with some soothing comfort foods that will warm you from this inside out?  Today, we are featuring a few of our favorite fall things on this Shisler’s shelves!

First, the Old Fashioned Apple Butter…the perfect sweet treat for a cool morning on fresh baked bread still warm from the oven.  Ours features only the best locally grown apples and locally produced Amish butter. It is sprinkled with the flavors of fall…Nutmeg, cinnamon and All Spice collide to bring the flavors of fresh baked apple pie to your breakfast table.

Next up…Well, you can’t use the word “fall” in a sentence without “pumpkin spice” these days.  But, we aren’t talking about a latte.  Our homemade pumpkin butter will bring the essence of Autumn to banana bread, fresh baked biscuits or English muffins with flavors you won’t soon forget!    Also created locally with pumpkins from the region and fresh Amish butter, the pumpkin alternative offers a bit less sweetness and that pumpkin pie essence we all crave this time of year!

Pumpkin Butter

Now, getting away from the breakfast table.

What about those chilly fall evenings?  Well, if red wine is your choice of libation for a winter warm up, check out our Red Wine Collection cheese basket.  This assortment of divine imported cheeses takes the guess work out of pairing wine with your food.

This assemblage of Asiago, Danish Blue, Guyere and Pecorino (Romano) was comprised to pair well with most reds.  The basket serves up to 20 guests (Or maybe half that if you’re a cheese monger like myself!).  Grab a bottle of red from your favorite local winery and swing by the shop in Orrville or order a cheese basket online.  Trust me, with this combo, you’re in for the perfect Autumn evening at home!

Red Wine Collection

What if you’re looking for something to warm, and fill, your belly?  A while back we shared an excellent baked cheese fondue recipe that might just do the trick. But, if that is a bit more effort than you are looking to exert for a simple evening at home, try some beer cheese soup!

Beer Cheese Soup Photo and Recipe Courtesy of The Wander Lust Kitchen

The beer cheese at Shisler’s is made by local farmers in Wisconsin and is a semi-soft combination of Limburger and Brick cheeses.  It has a very strong smell and taste and prefers to be paired with beer instead of wine.

Here’s a quick and easy beer cheese soup recipe that calls for cheddar.  Use a combo of orange cheddar and beer cheese in this recipe for a cheesy and sharp soup that pairs nicely with German Rye Bread.

Beer Cheese

We hope you enjoyed theses highlights of our fall collection.  And that some of these ideas will come to fruition in your kitchen.  With the Autumn winds a blowing, the holidays are coming up quickly.  Sign up for our email list today to make sure you get the first word on savings and specials from Shisler’s!

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