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Beer Cheese

Beer Cheese


Price is per Lb. Actual weight may vary up to 10%. It is a semi-soft combination of Limburger Cheese and Brick Cheese.

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Beer Cheese is one of our Wisconsin Cheeses along with  Muenster, Brick, Limburger and our  American Cheeses.

It is a semi-soft combination of Limburger Cheese and Brick Cheese.  Not to be mistaken for the Beer Cheese dips that are popular in Kentucky, it has a very strong smell and taste. Germans like to put it on rye bread along with some sliced onion, and have it with beer.

History of Beer Cheese

bierkäse = bierkaese = beer kaese = beer cheese = Weisslacker  Pronunciation:  BEER-kay-suh OR BEER-case.  Substitutes:  Limburger OR Havarti (This has a similar texture, but it’s much milder)

Wine Pairing for Beer Cheese

Beer Cheese is too overpowering to serve with wine.  It’s German proprietors liked to serve it with Beer.  Hence the name Beer Cheese.

Beer Cheese: Everything You Need to Know

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