Blue Cheese: Everything You Need to Know

What is blue cheese? Blue Cheese is a generic term for cheeses that have had Penicillium cultures added creating dark blue or blue-grey veins throughout the cheese. It can be made from cow, sheep, or goat’s milk and is typically aged in a temperature and moisture-controlled environment like a cave. How was blue cheese discovered? … Read more

The Scotch Collection – How to Pair Whisky with Cheese

Want to really wow your guests? We know that you love to pair wine with our cheeses, and we’ve explored how you might try them with beer, but have you ever thought to pair cheese with scotch? Read on to find out all about our Scotch Collection and why we think this should be the … Read more

Create A Cheese Board Perfect For Fall

Let’s be honest… it isn’t a party until there’s a cheese board included. This season is one of the best for warm cozy nights followed by a bottle of wine with a delicious cheese board amongst friends. The most important part of a Fall cheese board is white cheese, but let’s begin with all of … Read more

Cheesemaking: How To Make Bleu d’Auvergne

It is not recommended to make this cheese unless you have made a few other kinds of cheese in the past for experience. The cheese needs to be around 4-5 lbs to develop a good blue. However, if you are wanting a smaller version, you can change the scale down from 5 gallons to 2 … Read more