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Celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day!

Today, January 31st is National Hot Chocolate Day!

Shisler cheese house mug

We thought you’d like to read some of our fun ideas for creating delicious hot chocolates. Whether you’re looking for topping ideas or a way to celebrate the day we have got you covered.

The Best Hot Chocolate

One of our favorite ways to make hot chocolate is to grate real chocolate into hot milk. You can try this with lots of different types and flavors of chocolate to find the best one for you.

Otherwise, the best hot chocolate is the one that you love! Try a few to find one that works best for you. Do you prefer it with hot milk or mixed with water? You could even try plant-based milks for a different flavor.

Play with toppings and syrups

You name it, it could be delicious on top of a hot chocolate! We’re sure someone has even tried crispy bacon bits on top of their whipped cream! So this is the time to get creative and experiment with something new.

There are the classics: marshmallows, cream, chocolate sprinkles. But you could also add  cinnamon, sauces, nuts, marshmallow fluff, dried fruits, coconut shavings, or cereals. For extra decadence, try popping a chocolate truffle on the top and letting it melt in. You could even put a scoop of ice cream on the top for extra creaminess. If you add marshmallow fluff, try crisping it with a kitchen blow torch for a s’mores effect!

For extra flavor with your chocolate, you can pour in something a little extra. There are so many syrups available now and loads of them would be delicious in a hot chocolate. Try classics like peppermint, salted caramel or vanilla. You could even try making your own syrups at home with your favorite flavors. We highly recommend trying a bay syrup with your hot chocolate for a grown up twist. add a little of your favorite spirit. Whiskey or brandy work well but our favorite would have to be Irish Cream. You could try even flavored vodkas instead of syrup.

Friday Night Celebrating National Hot Chocolate Day

It’s a Friday so we think tonight is the perfect chance to gather some friends together, get cozy with a mug of hot chocolate and even a movie or even some board games. Why not have a competition to see who can create the most delicious and inventive hot chocolate? If you’ve got little ones they’re sure to enjoy a little sweet treat. You could use lower sugar hot chocolate to include them without it being too unhealthy.

If you want to celebrate in true Shisler’s Cheese House style, you’ll need our signature mug to enjoy your hot chocolate in. We even sell it as a gift set with some chocolates if you are a true chocoholic!

How are you celebrating National Hot Chocolate Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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