It’s “Get to Know Your Customers” Day!

October 15 is Get to Know Your Customers Day!

Today, we want to thank you, our loyal friends and customers, for your continued support and business.  We love seeing all of you in the shop and hearing from you on the web.  Your kind words mean the world to us.

So, today, we want to share a few heartwarming comments from our customers on Facebook!

On social media last week, we asked, “Why do you travel to visit Shisler’s?”

The response we heard OVERWHELMINGLY was that Rita is our customers’ favorite bonus for traveling to Shisler’s in Orrville.  And we tend to agree with you.  She’s pretty fantastic 🙂

But, here are some other responses that we got:

From Darlene:

“First priority is always to see the very special Cheese Lady Rita, whom I’ve known longer than she’s been a Lion!  Then, I would buy some of Ohio’s best cheese that she stocks (Pearl Valley) and perhaps pick up an Elderberry Pie (the small one when available).  And then I make sure everyone in the store knows that Rita only stocks the best!”

From Ann:

“I live in Chicago now, but grew up in Orrville.  I need my periodic “fix” of Trail Bologna and since I can also get Lebanon Bologna for my husband (Whose family came from PA), stopping at your store is a wonderful 2-fer!”

From Melissa:

“Nobody ever dares to visit my parents in Tucson without bringing out a suitcase full of Swiss cheese, Trail Bologna, Strebs sausage, Heggy’s candy and Coccia House pizza!!  This was me two weeks ago… and by the way, my clothes all had to go in my carryon!”

We LOVE this pic of Melissa’s suitcase!
From Julie:

“I always stop when headed up north to see family and friends. We allllways bring back Swiss cheese and Trail Bologna. We currently live in Dayton OH!”

From Rebecca:

“It’s like coming home!”

We shared a post about Guggisberg Baby Swiss earlier this week.  And there were a couple of wonderful responses we wanted to share from there as well!

From Debbie:

“I was born in Ohio and my grandparents remained there after my parents moved as jobs required. When visiting Ohio, we would always have Baby Swiss at my grandparents’ house. Now, years later as both my grandparents and parents are long deceased, we order this cheese from you online. Thank you for being a constant from my childhood!”

This one is my favorite…From Cheryl:

“I’m literally eating a piece of this right now!”

We really do appreciate hearing from all of our loyal customers!  If you haven’t already, tell us about your favorite Shisler’s snacks in the comments!

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