Charcuterie Presentation by @Grateboards

Charcuterie and Snack Inspiration

Always looking for inspiration, we have been eyeing the Instagram accounts of some very creative charcuterie artists. We can see some of our products working themselves into these beautiful presentations quite nicely!

Shisler’s Cheesehouse is a one stop snack shop!  So, while you’re taking in these culinary creations, take note of the product recommendations that are all available online or in our retail shop!

Artistic Birthday Celebration Board by @cheesetopleaseboards
Artistic Birthday Celebration Board by Cheese to Please Boards from Grosse Point, Michigan

Grab some Lebanon Bologna, Gryere and goat cheese to get started on recreating this birthday board by Cheese to Please Boards.  Throw in a little Boysenberry jelly for accompaniment and some roasted peas for presentation and you’re off to the beginnings of something beautiful!

Breakfast charcuterie ---by the @reluctantentertainer
Breakfast Charcuterie— by the The Reluctant Entertainer

Snacks are NOT just for dinner anymore!. Did someone say breakfast charcuterie?  Yes, please! Whip up some pancakes or waffles and grab some Streb Meats Fresh Cut Smoked Bacon to start. Then add your “condiments.”  Ohio Made Pure Maple Syrup and some “Simple” Cinnamon Sticky Bun or Blackberry Pecan syrup will make your next brunch unique and tasty! Reluctant Entertainer has a lot of beautiful inspiration for your next dinner, or breakfast, party.

Charcuterie cups by @kampers_kitchen
Individual charcuterie cups by Kampers Kitchen out of Fort Lauderdale, FL

We LOVE these charcuterie cups.  They are perfect for a small gathering if your guests are practicing social distancing and would rather not share from the same plate.  Grab some pistachios, Amish Butter Cheese, Havarti with Caraway and some Sweet Lebanon Bologna from our online store.  With a quick stop for some fresh herbs and fruit, you are on your way home to create a “six feet apart” culinary masterpiece.  Kampers Kitchen has loads of beautiful spreads for further appetizing artistic research.

Oh, and speaking of Instagram…Did you know you can follow us now?  @shislerscheesehouse

Charcuterie Presentation by @Grateboards
Presentation by Grateboards out of Seattle, Washington

For this one you will need to up your cheese and meat game…Substitute the Brie for a wheel of Guggisberg Baby Swiss and the cured meats for some summer sausage and Troyer’s Trail Bologna.  Add some dried strawberries and pineapple the infamous hot pepper jelly as accoutrements to match up with this appetizing display by Grate Boards.

We hope you enjoyed the inspiration as much as we did!  We equally hope you will find everything you need to recreate these inventive snack spreads at the Cheesehouse!

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