Swiss Cheese

5 Ways to Eat Swiss Cheese


We are huge fans of Swiss cheese here at Shisler’s Cheese House. We have a whole range to keep you happy and today we’re giving you 5 ideas for ways to enjoy Swiss cheese.

The process of making Swiss cheese involves natural bacteria consuming the lactic acid in the cheese. This releases carbon dioxide gas, which slowly forms bubbles that become the recognizable holes in the cheese. These are often referred to as “eyes”. Our Amish swiss cheese, made in Northeastern Ohio, is especially flavorful because of the longer aging process that it undergoes, at a higher temperature than younger cheeses. This produces larger eyes, which is sometimes seen as an indicator for better flavor.

The milk used in our Swiss cheese does not have preservatives added, and is from cows that have never been given hormones or antibiotics. This creates a great taste and you know exactly what you are eating.

We also offer Baby Swiss, which substitutes water for the milk’s whey to slow the bacterial action. This creates smaller holes and a milder flavor. Lacy Swiss is another variety of Swiss cheese, made with low-fat milk. We even offer smoked Swiss cheese.

  1. On Crackers

Swiss cheese is well known for its nutty, bittersweet taste. This is perfect enjoyed on your favorite crackers. Add a couple of other cheese, some grapes, and relishes, and you’ve got a full cheeseboard.

  1. Paired with your favorite wine or beer

This is such a versatile cheese that you can easily find a beverage pairing for it. If you’re a fan of red wines, try a Merlot or Pinot Noir. For white wine lovers, try a Chardonnay or Riesling. Swiss cheese will also pair well with lager, pale ales, and Weiss beer.

  1. Cheese Fondue

Fondue is a decadent treat that’s perfect at the end of a cold day, or to share with friends and family. Simmer 10 fl. oz. white wine in a fondue pot, before adding 10 oz. each of Swiss and Gruyere cheese. Make sure everything is melted before stirring in 2 teaspoons flour. Season with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Serve this with cubes of your favorite bread, chopped vegetables, and cured meats.


  1. Mac and Cheese

Add an extra punch of flavor to your favorite mac and cheese by grating in some Swiss cheese. You can even add it to breadcrumbs for an extra crunchy topping.

  1. On French Onion Soup

A firm favorite for warming you up, French onion soup is incomplete without a topping of Swiss cheese toast. Thinly slice small pieces of your favorite bread, add grated Swiss cheese and grill before serving with your soup.

If you love Swiss cheese as much as us, why not treat yourself this to our gift box this Christmas?  You’ll find a whole 4lb. Baby Swiss cheese, perfect to share with the whole family.

However you like to eat your Swiss cheese, you can find it all here at Shisler’s Cheese House!

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