Enjoy Cooking with Baby Swiss cheese

Baby Swiss Cheese
Baby Swiss Cheese

There is nothing more satisfying than biting into a slice of semi-soft, young, fresh baby Swiss cheese made from whole milk. The characteristic small holes make this cheese all the more exciting and unique.

Baby Swiss cheese is a part of the Swiss cheese family that is known all over the world as the holey cheese. You can find this cheese at retail stores and delis, mostly in Ohio. To make it convenient for you to use it in sandwiches and other recipes, this cheese is sometimes sold pre-sliced. If you want it for larger cooking projects, you can buy baby Swiss cheese in wheels.

Swiss cheese is made from cow’s milk. Lactic acid in the cheese is broken down using bacteria to generate carbon dioxide which in turn results in the formation of bubbles during the process of aging. To obtain larger holes and complex flavors, the cheese is allowed to age for a longer time.

Many steps are altered during the cheese making process to make baby Swiss cheese. To obtain that exquisite, buttery rich flavor, whole milk is used to make the cheese. In order to slow down the bacterial digestion process, water is used to cut the milk. As compared to traditional Swiss cheese, baby Swiss cheese is aged for a shorter period of time to create the more mild flavor.

Bite into a bit of baby Swiss cheese and what will strike you first is its creamy, nutty and buttery flavor. This cheese is ideal to be used in a wide range of dishes and also melts quickly in the mouth. It is easier to work with this cheese as it comes with small holes and is easy to slice. The small holes make cooking with baby cheese enjoyable.

If you are planning to use this cheese for cooking purposes, it is essential choosing evenly colored ones with holes that are equally sized. The cheese should have a distinct buttery aroma and should resemble a pale straw. Before you buy the cheese, it is better to taste if the shop allows it as this is the only way to determine its quality. Otherwise, you must carefully observe for signs of cracking, mold and dampness. All these are indications that the flavor has been compromised.

Baby Swiss cheese can be layered with turkey, lettuce, ham, sliced onions and tomatoes on dark rye, light rye or wheat bread. Using this cheese you can make mouth-watering sauce for your steamed vegetables. Try the delicious French bread filled and baked until bubbly with chopped scallions and shredded baby Swiss. You can also enhance frittatas, omelets and quiches with this amazingly delicious cheese.

What’s your favorite use for Baby Swiss cheese?

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