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Horseradish Cheese

Horseradish Cheese


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Our Horseradish Cheese in an American Cheese infused with horseradish and comes in a semi-firm block.  Horseradish Cheese is a popular element in many hors d’oeuvres that contains a pungent, spicy bite, tempting to the palate.  Popular serving ideas include rolling thin slices with prosciutto or thinly sliced smoked ham.  Recent ideas from our customers include grating Horseradish Cheese into homemade mashed potatoes and melting it into Alfredo sauce.

The Main Element in Horseradish Cheese Horseradish, the spicy kick in Horseradish Cheese, is a perennial plant that is classified with mustard, cabbages and the infamous wasabi. It is  native to western Asia and southeastern Europe. The root is what is applied to food applications The root itself is not that spicy, but grating the root damages cells, which then release a mustard oil. It is the mustard oil that gives grated horseradish its pungent kick and makes your eyes water.  Horseradish is even known to have health benefits. It has been used to treat bronchitis, sinus problems and urinary tract infections. The compounds found in horseradish  have been shown to kill certain bacterial strains. It is even higher in vitamin C than oranges or lemons. It stimulates the gastric system and causes you to sweat, sweating out any impurities.

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