Creating Homemade Coffee Cheese

Back in time, the coffee cheese was originally created from warm milk, straight from a reindeer and put in coffee to form a kind of snack. It was irresistible for someone of Northern Sweden and Tornedaling and can be just as mouthwatering to you! Now, you may not have a reindeer or barn at hand, … Read more

Making Something Different: Chaource Cheese

The name of this cheese alone is interesting, not to mention its unique flavor and form. You may never have heard of it, which makes it even more worth a try on firstly pronouncing (shah-oose) and then creating it! Chaource is a mold-ripened cheese that originates from a small village in France called Chaource. It … Read more

Using Tartaric Acid In Cheese Making

You can usually find tartaric acid in a lot of fruits, especially tamarind, from which tartaric acid is derived from a lot of the time. It is not only a product of cheese making though, it is also a by-product of the wine making process because it is also found in grapes. We tend to … Read more

Important How-To’s On Cheese Making Part Three: Bandaging Cheddar

So you’re done making your delicious cheddar cheese, the curds are pressed and you’ve removed the cheddar from the mold, it is time to bandage your cheese! Here are some useful directions that will allow for a perfectly bandaged block of cheddar, ready to age. 1. You can begin by cutting 2 circles of muslin … Read more

Cheese-Making Has Been Around For Longer Than You Might Think, Predating the Time of Jesus Christ

As we all know, Cheese has played an integral part of history, serving as sustenance through the ages for the human race since before the common era (before the time of Christ). From  its infancy to the present day, although the processes have been slightly changed, adjusted and tweaked over thousands of years, the basic … Read more