Rubber City Radio Business of the Week Interview April 15, 2019

History Of The Monte Cristo Sandwich And Its Recipe

When thinking of the name “Monte Cristo”, what comes to mind? The Count of Monte Cristo? The Monte Cristo? The quest for the Holy Grail… wait a second, that’s Monte Python! On the tastier side of things, the most tantalizing of these is the Monte Cristo Sandwich. The Monte Cristo is a delicious sandwich served in … Read more

Rösti Potatoes

Rösti (Rq-sty) Potatoes, sometimes spelled Roschti Potatoes according to Swiss German, was originally a breakfast dish enjoyed by farmers in the Swiss Canton of Bern.  Many Swiss people consider Rösti to be a national dish. This particular variation includes fresh smoked ham, which was an advent of the Swiss and German settlers in Northeastern Ohio’s … Read more