Christmas At Shisler’s Cheese House

It’s amazing how fast the year passes by. It feels like just yesterday that we were picking up our Easter chocolate and gift boxes from Shisler’s Cheese House. With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about what gifts would be ideal for our family and friends. A lot of the … Read more

Create A Delicious Bologna Spread Using Our Bologna

Here at Shisler’s Cheese House, we have a number of products on sale which will help you create an amazing Bologna spread for any occasion. This recipe is super easy to create and at our store, we have high-quality bologna and cheese which would be perfect for this spread. The bologna recommended for this recipe … Read more

Easy-Cheesy Halloween Recipes!

Halloween is one of the best times of the year. What better way than to enjoy it by exploring all the different ways you can make spooky Halloween snacks. Be it for a Halloween party for your kids, an adult get-together or a spookily themed dinner with the family, these extra cheesy recipes- with a … Read more

A Countdown of the Greatest Cured Italian Meats!

Italy is famous for many things, contributing at large to the well-loved dishes such as pizza and pasta, in the world today. However, their most important contribution has got to be the cured Italian meats. Without them, our pizzas would just be a pool of orange grease, our charcuterie boards would be so very boring … Read more

A How-To On Pairing Cured Meats and Cheeses

Pairing Cured Meat And Cheeses When pairing things, two approaches generally come into play. The first approach would be to pair like flavors, for instance, two sour ingredients. With this, the similar flavors may cancel each other out and let the other flavors flourish. The second, more common approach is that opposites attract, this takes … Read more

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich: An American Tradition!

One of the most common, famous and easy-to-make foods is the proverbial “Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich” otherwise known as “PB & J” adhering to¬†modern lingo. It is easy to make, requiring only bread, jelly (or jam) and peanut butter as it satisfies any hungry stomach as a meal or a quick snack. The History … Read more